We believe in the power of words, and of their wordsmiths.

While Imperceptions Press primarily publishes the work of Author Shaylynn Hayes, we also publish works of other upcoming authors. We are particularly interested in works that promote the advocacy of misophonia and other neurological/psychological disorders. On that note, we’re also interested in Children’s books, enjoyable fast-paced drama, and really anything else that catches our eye.

We are not currently taking any royalties from projects by authors we’ve published.

All works are chosen on a case by case basis. We provide the official print and ebook ISBNs and can help with uploading and formatting your book. We also have an editor we work with and completely trust. 

How it Works

We will help you set up your own IngramSpark and Kindle Direct Publishing Account. All royalties will go to you, forever and always, and you retain 100% copyright over your work.

You may provide your own edited manuscrupt, fully prepared ebook and print book files, and cover image, or we can prepare them for publication (at a cost).

The only fees you will incure are for the development and publishing of your novel, all royalty agreements are through KDP or IngramSpark. We do NOT take a percentage of future sales. Ever.